Our Food

Our family loves food. We also love using only the finest quality ingredients sourced from plants and completely vegan (we don’t do meat, egg or dairy). Every one of our products is made with our family and yours in mind! With our food, you can eat tasty stuff that is good for you and the planet.

From our kitchen to yours. With love from the Fry Family.

Nature's Plant Proteins

With you and your Family in mind, we have used only the healthiest ingredients for our new range. As always, everything is 100% plant-based and vegan friendly. With the addition of Flaxseed, Rice Protein, Quinoa and chia seeds, Fry’s’ new products include everything you need to provide your family with healthy, nutritious, guilt free food.

Food Made Good

Our range of golden, crispy crumbed products will be loved by kids and adults alike. From Vegetarian chicken-style nuggets to Chicken-style Schnitzels you can enjoy as a handy snack or as a quick and easy mid week meal.

Artisan Coconut Ice cream

A delicious blend of coconut milk, coconut cream and salted caramel, sweetened with agave to create a mouthwatering, creamy, non-dairy.