Especially for those times when you need a quick snack, we have developed a whole new convenient range that you can find in the chilled section of your local supermarket! As always, everything is 100% plant-based and vegan friendly. The range has everything from pies to Chicken-Style strips, all conveniently ready to eat!

vegan chicken strips

Lightly Seasoned Chicken Style Strips

Artisan Southern-Style Tenders

Chargrilled Beef-Style Strips

vegan Pepper steak pie

Pepper Steak Style Pie

Chicken Style Country Mushroom Pie

vegan curry pie

Vegetable Curry Pie

Sausage Roll

Mediterranean Veg & Squash Slice

fry's spicy bean pasty

Spicy Three Bean Pasty

Mediterranean Veg & Bean Country Style Pie

Hearty Steak & Ale Style Country Pie

Fully Loaded Chicken Style Country Pie

Fry's vegan mushroom pie

Mixed Mushroom Country Style Pie