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Fry’s For Food Services

With over 20% of the UK population now following a meat free diet (and these numbers likely to be higher amongst younger age groups) it’s now more important than ever to ensure you have a good selection of vegetarian and vegan meals on your menu.

Fry’s can offer quick and easy meal solutions for food-on-the-go options such as burgers, pies and hot dogs, through to meal ingredients for fine dining menus such as meat style strips and mince – all 100% vegan certified

What’s more many of our products are certified as Halaal, Shudda and Kosher approved so you can cater effectively for those with specific cultural requirements.

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“Fry’s delivers on promise and taste, all the ingredients are natural – with the range it’s the perfect Meat Free Solution”

Vegan Pheasant Catering

“Fry’s on the menu has created a strong following from the Meat Free community – we are now “a destination  out of home” solution for Vegans and Vegetarians”

Union Market Pubs & Restaurants

“Speed of service is key for us and to provide a stir fry, or sweet and sour meal in less than 7 minutes is fantastic”

The White Hart

“Being frozen we can offer a fantastic vegetarian menu with little or no risk”

The Daffodil Restaurant

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