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26 November 2018, Monday


Our 10 Favourite Plant-Based Fry’s Recipes from 2018

Thanks a melon to all of you for making 2018 such an incredible year of plant-based goodness! We have rounded up our favourite meat-free, dairy-free and egg-free recipes from the year. It may be the end of the 2018, but these meals certainly will not go out of style next year.

From the Fry family and team, we wish all of our #FrysFans a healthy, happy and plant-powered holiday season.

Chicken-Style Skewers with Peanut Satay

Enjoy our easy Thai-inspired Fry’s Chicken-Style skewers marinated in a creamy peanut sauce. Try with our chilled Artisan Chicken-Style Strips  for an even simpler version that doesn’t require defrosting. #notimeforthat

Fully Loaded Chicken Style Country Pie with Pomegranate & Quinoa Salad

In need of some comfort food? Our hearty and flavourful Fully Loaded Chicken-Style Country Pie served with a Pomegranate and Quinoa Salad will fill you up in all the right places! Surprising bursts of sweetness and crunch included!

Mac and Cheeserpiller

As a family of three daughters, one of our childhood favourites that our mother loved to make was a homemade creamy mac and cheese in bulk that we could eat for days! We have reimagined this fond recipe with added veggies in a dairy-free cheesy sauce and topped with our meat-free Polony/Slicing Sausage. Have some fun and play with your food by tracing a little caterpillar around the bowl.

Prawn-Style Corn Chowder

Say Ciao to this delicious dairy-free and plant-based chowder. Made with chunky bits of corn and potato, and a dash of coconut cream, this warming soup is topped with our Battered Prawn-Style Pieces.

Korean BBQ Beef-Style Tacos with a Quick Pickled Salad 

Get your grill face on, because this recipe is on fire! Try out this Korean BBQ Beef-Style Tacos with a Quick Pickled Salad for a flavour sensation! Made with our Thick Cut Chunky Strips and assembled in warm tacos, wilted spinach, pickled salad, spring onion and chilli flakes. Choose to use our chilled Artisan Beef-Style Strips in this recipe instead!

Rainbow Wrap

Eat the rainbow with this colorful wrap filled with bright veggies and our Golden Crumbed Schnitzels. Feel free to use our Soy & Flaxseed Schnitzel instead! Go by the recipe or choose your favourite vegetables to make your very own beautiful plate of food art.  And who knows, maybe you’ll find a pot of gold waiting for you at the other end of the table… Go take a look!

Schnitzels with Creamy Dill Sauce and Dairy-Free Potato Salad

Potatoes and schnitzels, anyone? Bake our meat-free Golden Crumbed Schnitzels (or our Soy & Flaxseed Schnitzel) in the oven, followed with a generous drenching of a creamy dill sauce. Then, serve with a tangy German-inspired potato salad made with gherkins, mustard and chives. You can’t go wrong.

Poppadoms with Spicy Veggies and Chicken-Style Nuggets

The #nuglife just went gourmet. Try these poppadums with a spicy mixture of aubergines, tomatoes and our Chia Nuggets. Served with a drizzle of creamy cashew and peach chutney.

Aubergine Salad with Coffee & Chili Marinade 

We know you love coffee. We know you love a bit of spice. Marinate and grill our Thick Cut Chunky Strips (or our chilled Artisan Beef-Style Strips) and throw in a bowl of fresh veggies, invigorating herbs and a squeeze of lemon. This recipe is bringalliant!

Veggie Platter with Prawn-Style Pieces and Tzatziki

End your year off on a fresh note! This abundant heart-healthy veggie platter features all of your favourite raw vegetables and our Battered Prawn-Style Pieces, with a light vegan tzatziki made with tofu. It is perfect for sharing with friends and family.

We wish all our #FrysFans a peaceful and healthy year end. Thanks a melon for an incredible 365 days! 2018 was #lentil! 2019 is going to be another big year for us and we can’t wait to share new products, store listings and more. Keep your eyes peeled! #peas

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