Product FAQs

Meat Alternatives

What is Fry’s?

We make a range of food which is free from meat, egg, and dairy. Our food makes eating a plant-based diet not only easy, but delicious.

Is Fry’s vegan?

Yes, all our food is vegan and endorsed by the Vegan Society of the UK.

Is Fry’s endorsed by any religious certification?

Yes, our range of meat alternatives in the United Kingdom is certified as Halaal, Kosher, and Shudda.

Why is Fry’s Halaal?

Our food is certified Halaal to let Muslim customers know that there is no alcohol present in the production process. We do not have animal products in our food and therefore this certification has nothing to do with the treatment of animals.

If it’s not meat, then what is it?

Our food is made from a blend of vegetable proteins which come from legumes and grains; we then use natural flavours and spices to mimic the taste of meat.

Why make food that tastes like meat?

Many people love the taste of meat, but choose not to eat because of their health, compassion towards animals or to reduce their environmental footprint. Fry’s makes eating a plant-based diet that much easier and convenient.

What are the benefits of eating Fry’s?

Fry’s is a complete protein – containing all the essential amino acids. Our food is high in protein, a source of fibre and is naturally cholesterol free.

Is Fry’s a soy product?

We use soy in our food; between 15 – 30% on average. Other ingredients include wheat, potatoes, peas, celery, and mushrooms.

Are your foods NON Genetically Modified?

Our entire range of food is NON GMO; we ensure that all ingredients used are sourced from producers that adhere to our strict standards. We also test our raw materials with the independent auditors to ensure that all ingredients are free from genetically modified organisms.

Is soy healthy?

Soy has been eaten for thousands of years in the east and has been known to have many health benefits. Many of the latest peer-reviewed studies have shown that there are numerous benefits associated with including soy into a well-balanced diet.

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Ice Cream

Is Fry’s ice cream vegan?

Yes. All Fry’s products are free from meat, egg, dairy and all other animal by-products.

What flavours of ice cream are available?

Please refer to our product page here

Where can I find the Nutritional Information for your products?

Please refer to our product page here

Do you use stabilizers in your products?

Yes, as natural ones as possible and as little as possible used.

Do you use fillers in your products?


Does your product contain preservatives?


Is your product Halaal and Kosher? Do your products contain alcohol?

We have not applied for the Halaal or Kosher certification. However, our products do not contain alcohol or any animal by-products.

Is your ice cream gluten free?

Only the Tons of Cookies flavour contains gluten as the cookies used are not gluten-free. All the other flavours are gluten-free.

Is your ice cream safe for diabetics?

Our ice cream (excluding our Tons of Cookies and Salted Caramel flavours) is only sweetened with Agave Syrup, which is low GI. But we cannot assure you that our ice cream is safe for diabetics.

Is your ice cream sugar free?

Our ice cream (excluding our Tons of Cookies and Salted Caramel flavours) is free from refined sugar and is sweetened with Agave Syrup.

Is your ice cream safe for people with lactose intolerance?

All our products are dairy and lactose free and are safe for anyone with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies.

Does your ice cream contain palm oil?

The Tons of Cookies flavour does contain palm oil as it is present in the cookies. We are working on a palm oil free option which is undergoing the stability and shelf life test. The other flavours do not contain palm oil.

Is your ice cream soy free?

Our ice cream is soy free excluding our Tons of Cookies flavour. This is because soy is present in the cookies.

Does your ice cream contain nuts?

Our ice cream does not contain nuts, but it is made in a factory that does handle nuts.

Product storage and serving

What is the best temperature for product storage?

Our ice creams are best stored at home, unopened, at -18°C. For extended storage up to the “best before” date, we recommend -25°C or colder, when possible.

How should I serve my Fry’s ice creams?

To deliver the best flavour and texture, allow your ice cream to soften at room temperature for approximately 5-10 minutes, depending on the actual room temperature and the temperature of your freezer.

Can Fry’s ice creams be refrozen after they’ve thawed?

No. Because we make our products in the most natural way possible, they should not be refrozen if thawed. Thawing and refreezing can create large ice crystals and cause undesirable grainy/gritty textures or diminished quality. That said, they are still safe to consume after thawing and refreezing.

Why does ice cream sometimes have ice crystals in it?

Your home freezer is not as cold as a commercial freezer would be. When you open and close the freezer door, the ice cream thaws slightly, and the warm air that comes in condenses and forms ice crystals. A sub-zero freezer would better conserve your ice cream and limit, if not eliminate the formation of ice crystals.

Product availability and Pricing

Where can I find the Fry’s ice cream?

Our ice cream is currently available exclusively from Ocado. Please visit our Ocado store for more information here

Why is your ice cream so expensive?

We use only the best quality natural, non-GM ingredients in the making of our ice cream. Many of these ingredients need to be imported as it is impossible to source them in sufficient quantities locally. We also churn less air into our ice cream than most commercial ice cream, this makes our Ice Cream richer and creamier.

Why is the weight of your ice cream lower than the volume you declare on pack?

Ice cream is measured by volume, not weight, as ice cream has air whipped into it when it is manufactured – called overrun. If it didn’t, it would be hard and icy and not very good. The amount of air (called “overrun”) incorporated into the ice cream mix is carefully calculated to produce the texture you know and love. Without added air, ice cream would be very dense and much harder and colder than it should be.

If I have complaints / feedback on Fry’s ice cream, who can I get in touch with?

Please send any feedback or complaints to