Raw Broccoli Superfood Salad

Try this heart healthy raw broccoli superfood salad with our delicious Chicken-Style Nuggets! Heart healthy food has never tasted this good!

Servings: 4-6 people

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 12 minutes



1 box Fry’s Chicken-Style Nuggets (or use Fry’s Rice Protein and Chia Chicken-Style Nuggets)

1 head broccoli

4 tbsp mixed seeds, lightly toasted

½ cup goji berries, cranberries and raisin mix

1 punnet mini plum tomatoes, washed and halved 

1 apple, cored and finely chopped

½ cup cooked chickpeas


1-2 tbsp cooked chickpeas

2 ½ tsp white balsamic vinegar

Juice of 1 lemon

1 heaped tsp mustard

1 tsp xylitol

Salt and pepper, to taste

½ cup oil mix (grapeseed, avocado oil and olive oil)

Add half an avocado if serving all the mayonnaise within an hour or two.



Place the Nuggets in the airfryer for 6-8 minutes, and cook until golden and crispy. 

If you don't have an airfryer, place the frozen Nuggets under a preheated hot grill for 10-12 minutes, turning once. Alternatively, cook in the oven. Preheat oven to 180 °C. Place on oven tray in the oven and bake for 10-12 minutes, turning once. The Nuggets should be golden and crispy.

Slice the Nuggets in half.

Remove the tough stalk at the end and wash broccoli head thoroughly. Cut the head into flowerets and the stem into tiny bite-size pieces.

Place in a large bowl. Add the remaining ingredients, including the Nuggets and stir well.

To make vegan mayonnaise, add the chickpeas, vinegar, lemon juice, mustard, xylitol and seasoning into the jug of a hand held blender. Add the avocado, if using. Blitz until thick and creamy.

With the head of the blender still in the jug, start pouring the oil in while lifting it up and down until the oil emulsifies with the rest of the ingredients. Taste and adjust seasoning.

Add the mayonnaise to the salad bowl and mix through.

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