Our Story

It began when one person became fed up with Broccoli

The original idea behind Fry’s was to find a way to make nutritious products for our family who are all passionate about plant-based diets. Back when we started in 1991 most people thought we were crazy. “Plants that look and taste like meat, made in your kitchen!?” Okay, maybe we were crazy, but with passion and determination, great things can happen. Now, a few decades on, we are a fully fledged second generation family business (a somewhat larger family with a few grandchildren too) and our passion and purpose is to bring you more great tasting plant based foods, which will leave you feeling good.

We still make our food for our family, it is just now a lot bigger, so join us and you can enjoy tasty food that is better for you and the planet.

From our kitchen to yours. With love from the Fry Family.

Watch our family story unfold

Our Mission

Every year, we look at turnover and put up a chart to show how many animal lives would be saved if someone had chosen a Fry’s Product instead of a meat product. Last year that number was 647,737 Chickens, 11,354 cows, 10,055 pigs and 3 million prawns.