What Kind of Fry’s Fan Are You – Competition

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What’s your favourite Fry’s food? Maybe you salivate over the Schnitzel, crave the Chia Nugs, or pine for the Prawns. From plant-based burgers, to meat-free sausages, and from falafels, to fish-free prawns, if you were stranded on a desert island, you wouldn’t go hungry!

Now we want to know your best loved Fry’s product and how you like to eat it! So take the quiz below and share your answer with us on social media. You can WIN 10 boxes of your fave Fry’s food that you can share with friends and family. Or not. It’s every man for himself when stranded on an island.

Answer the foodie quiz and tag us @frysfamily on Instagram, @frysfamily Twitter or @thefryfamilyfoodco on Facebook. Use the hashtag #FrysFans so we can track your answers.
Ready, set, Fry!

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Our Mission

Every year, we look at turnover and put up a chart to show how many animal lives would be saved if someone had chosen a Fry’s Product instead of a meat product. Last year that number was 647,737 chickens, 11,354 cows and 10,055 and 3 million prawns.