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29 June 2018, Friday


7 Things You Didn’t Know About Fry’s

It’s time to share some (possibly) unknown facts about Fry’s, how we compare to standard beef burgers and to divulge if Wally Fry really does lick the factory floor… Introducing The Did You Know series!

The Ultimate Burger Bash

Did you know the difference between a Fry’s burger and a standard beef burger? It’s the ultimate battle between the plants vs the meat. Fry’s is lower in calories and fat, and higher in protein and fibre than a standard beef patty. This means you are able to reduce your chances of heart disease, obesity, stroke and cancer when you choose a plant-based meat alternative over animal-based protein. We are rooting for #teamveg!

Check out this recipe with our Traditional Burger here.

Meat Shrinks!

Did you know that raw beef, poultry and fish shrink in size to about 25% when cooked? The amount of fat, moisture content and the temperature at which the meat is cooked influences the amount of shrinkage. This is the weight loss you don’t want! Fry’s products only shrink less than 1%, meaning more nutrients are retained and we get to eat more food. #winning.

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meat shrinks

Welcome to the Next Generation of Veg

We may be made of veggies and legumes, but we don’t taste like one! Did you know that Fry’s is a meat replacement and not a vegetable replacement? Fry’s comes in handy when you’re trying to inconspicuously blend with the meat-eating crowd. We have the same taste and texture as meat but just happen to be made of plants. We’re higher in protein than other veggies, meaty in taste and proud of it!

PS: all Fry’s products contain all 9 amino acids. “Where do you get your protein?” is a question that is now a thing of the past.

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Say No to GMO

Did you know Fry’s products are 100 plant-based, free from antibiotics, hormones, harmful additives and contains non-GM ingredients? Our whole family eats all of the Fry’s products today – and we only consume food knowing that the ingredients are safe and healthy. This is our promise to our own family, and yours: Integrity to the ingredient and honouring the body.

Clean, Green and a Well-Oiled Machine!

This is no smear campaign. Did you know that Fry’s production floor surface is cleaner than your chopping board? When Fry’s co-founder, Wally Fry, visits the factory, he will wipe his finger on the floor and then lick it! The production facility is cleaned relentlessly, multiple times a day. No animal products ever enter the factory so there are zero chances of cross-contamination.

Hash It Out!

We love potatoes but in our opinion, if we want a meat-free burger, we go big or go home! Switch up a #brown for a Fry’s burger for a meal that is higher in protein, lower in fat and bigger in taste.

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4 Responses

  1. Joan Brummer says:

    HI, I must say I am impressed with your marketing.Fry’s was very low-key on that side but is blooming now. One concern I have, is all the negative publicity soya has received. Your comment will be appreciated. Kind regards,Joan

  2. Duncan Player says:

    Well Done …… Extremely good advertorial…


  3. Nicolette Bedford says:

    Id be lost without your products.
    Its soo easy to be vegan or vtarian with your dekicious
    Best value for money……your veg strips.
    Add a touch of soya or Worcester sauce while sauteing, little boiled spring water, while in another pot veges are
    Simmering,plate up and enjoy. Full protein value for the day! Peace of mind….

  4. I have been buying Fry’s products when they first came onto the market. I notice in recent years the taste is not the same, particularly the snitzels and sausages. Your snitzels are thinner. As a vegetarian I used to buy a lot of Fry products but not anymore for 2 reasons – the quality has decreased and the price is very high. You need to consider pensioners and the poor