Artisan Dairy Free Ice Cream

If you are going to have a treat, it needs to be worth it! We understand that The Fry Family Food Co. has always made healthy products which we are proud of, but everyone, including our family love a treat every now and then. So we have selected the best coconut sugar and have used only the functional ingredients that are, well, functional. Without them, our ice cream simply wouldn’t be as delicious as it is! We don’t want people to compromise on taste to get something ethically made, home-created and 100% vegan. We do believe there is a better alternative to dairy. Our work is always work in progress, and we appreciate your support! Our ice cream comes from homemade recipes while only using natural, and real ingredients.

Love the Fry Family.

Madagascan Vanilla Bean

Salted Caramel

Vanilla Bean Espresso