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Chicken-Style Strips

Enjoy the juicy goodness of chicken strips with our veggie version! Any dish’s flavour will be amplified if you use these in the mix.

Fry our strips in a little bit of oil for around 6 to 8 minutes and they can be used to stuff your burritos, top your salads or pile up your pizza.  Add a little sweet chilli to the mix and fry a little longer for a delish “sweet chilli chicken” option… mmm.


Vegetable proteins (20%) ( Soy • Wheat) • Vegetable oil (Sunflower seed) • Potato Starch • Maize Starch •  Flavourings • Wheat flour (Gluten)• Wheat Fibre • Thickener (Cellulose extract) • Sea salt • Garlic


Wheat · Gluten from wheat · Soya

Fry’s Vegetarian Chicken Strips per 100 g per Serving
Energy 910 kJ 865 kJ
(218 kcal) (207 kcal)
Fats, total 11.8 g 11.2 g
of which: -Saturated 1.4 g 1.3 g
-Mono Unsat 3.6 g 3.4 g
-Poly Unsat 6.8 g 6.5 g
Glycaemic Carbohydrate 7.0 g  6.7g
of which: -Sugars 0.2 g 0.19 g
Dietary Fibre# 5.4 g 5.1 g
Protein 18.3 g 17.4 g
Sodium 516 mg 490.2 mg
(0.52 g) (0.49 g)
Salt 1.3 g 1.3 g