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South Africa ranks among the world’s top 25 nations where veganism is most popular. Stay ahead of this trend with our help.


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Most vegans and vegetarians don’t stop eating meat because they don’t like the taste. The most common reasons people ditch the meat are either ethical, environmental or health related. Fry’s products are made to taste meaty, but are completely free from meat, egg, and dairy.

75% of consumers leave meat off their plates for health reasons at least once a week. These consumers still expect high protein alternatives and are no longer settling for chips and salads. But this doesn’t have to mean a whole menu change; it simply means swapping out the meat on your menu with Fry’s.


Fry’s makes catering for vegans and vegetarians super easy because most of our food is pre-cooked and therefore only heating is necessary. Most products can also be cooked from frozen for 8-12 minutes!

All our products are naturally cholesterol free, and most are high in protein and low in saturated fat.

They’re easy to store, with a minimal amount of storage space required in the freezer and a long shelf life of 18 months. Most products can be held in Bain Marie for 3 hrs at 80 – 90°C. The crumbed products can only be held for 1 hr in Bain Marie at 80 – 90°C because the crumbs can soften. Most of our products are cheaper than meat per cooked kg, which means you could potentially save on some costs!

Our products are also extremely high quality foods; all products are manufactured in world-class facilities in South Africa with the highest food safety and quality standards. All our products are certified vegan and are made with NON-GM ingredients. Many of our products are certified as Halaal, Shudda and Kosher so you can cater effectively for those with specific cultural requirements


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Frequently Asked Questions:

You can find all the nutritional information about our food on our food section - https://www.fryfamilyfood.com/za/all-products/

We only distribute our products through third-party distributers (e.g. Bidfood) because we have a small team and currently don’t have an in- house ordering or logistics team.

Please have a look at our catalogue for more information (link to Foodservice catalogue).

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