LIVEKINDLY AUS General Manger Qualifies for Ironman Kona 2021 on a plant-based diet

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We’ve shared the inspiring stories of people who have gone beyond the impossible to effect change in their lives or communities. We have another story for you and this one is all about Shaun Richardson, who has been a part of the Fry’s journey since the beginning.

Shaun is the LIVEKINDLY GM in Australia and International Sales Director at the Fry Family Food Co.  Aside from being responsible for opening markets across the world for LIVEKINDLY Collective’s plant-based food brands, Shaun has also recently become a successful triathlete.

He is very new to endurance sports, but still managed to complete Ironman Cairns, finishing in 8th place which resulted in a qualification for Ironman Kona 2021.  As a plant-based triathlete, he has learnt first-hand the benefits of plant-based eating as an athlete. “I have been plant-based for over 10 years, so I am very familiar with the advantages of intense training on a plant-based diet. Meat alternatives like Fry’s have as much protein as any equivalent meat dish, and when eaten as part of a balanced, varied plant-based diet – rich in fresh fruit and vegetables – I see a more rapid recovery and much greater levels of energy and stamina.”

Shaun has only been competing as a triathlete for two years and is really looking forward to the Ironman Championship in Kona next year. “I am very happy with the result of achieving a Kona qualification. I feel like it was a notable achievement, this year particularly. It was a remarkable effort from the race organisers to get permission to hold the race in Australia. The date is not the usual race date in June, so the conditions were very challenging, with the wind and heat playing a big role on the course.”

“Triathlon training is about extreme discipline and consistency. Usually my role in the business requires a lot of travelling but the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that I have had to stay put since March. While the work still had to happen remotely, I was at least able to get consistent weeks of training and manage my time around various time zones.”

Shaun has been an inspiration to all of us at LIVEKINDLY and we wish him all the best for the upcoming Ironman Championship.

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Our Mission

Every year, we look at turnover and put up a chart to show how many animal lives would be saved if someone had chosen a Fry’s Product instead of a meat product. In 2019 that number was 647,737 chickens, 11,354 cows and 10,055 and 3 million prawns.