plant-based foods

The ultimate food fight

We’re taking food fights to the next level by putting plant-based foods up against all the usual favourites in the ...
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Diabetes Month with Fry’s spotlight on Omega 3s

Veganism is becoming one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices. As it continues to rise, larger supermarkets are stocking more ...
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Heart Awareness Month: Eating for the health of your heart

By Jessica Lazar the Green Dietician

This month is Heart Awareness Month in South Africa and the 29th of September ...
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food system

Keeping fish off our plates, and our oceans alive

As a family business, all of our products that we make are created with our children and grandchildren in mind ...
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What kind of Fry’s fan are you – Competition

What’s your favourite Fry’s food? Maybe you salivate over the Schnitzel, crave the Chia Nugs, or pine for the Prawns ...
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Rising tide lifts all boats: Conversation between two plant-based pioneers

 Especially in the era of fierce competition in business, even in the plant-based sector, it is truly rare to ...
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Our 10 favourite plant-based Fry’s recipes from 2018

Our 10 Favourite Plant-Based Fry’s Recipes from 2018 Thanks a melon to all of you for making 2018 such ...
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Grow a mo, bro, and try plant-based this Movember

It’s been three years since The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health ...
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Getting serious on cereal: The Kasha Back story

When my dad started Fry’s in 1991, his idea was to craft nutritious and convenient alternatives to meat that my ...
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