Golden Crispy Fish-Style Fillets

Our Fishless Fillets are totally off the hook and are the only sustainable fish you can get! Enjoy the taste of the sea, that is plant-based and fintastic in flavour and succulent in texture. Contains more Omega-3 than tuna!


Tempura: Rice Flour · Wheat Flour · Potato Starch · Maize Flour · Salt · Raising Agents (Sodium Carbonate · Diphosphates) · Dextrose · Sunflower Oil. Fish-Style Fillet: Vegetable Protein (22%) (Soya · Wheat) · Wheat Fibre · Thickener (Methyl Cellulose · Gum Arabic) · Pea Fibre · Flaxseed Oil (6%) · Wheat Flour · Flavourings · Smoke Flavour · Maltodextrin · Emulsifier (E1518) · Garlic.


Soya · Wheat · Gluten

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