Chickpea and Quinoa Falafels

Our faithful Falafels are made with an authentic recipe, combining a savoury blend of chickpeas, fresh coriander and cracked black pepper. All you need is a dollop of hummus, pita bread, eggplant and fresh veggies. Made with 100% natural ingredients and gluten-free.


Chickpeas (33.3%) · Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Seed) · Onions · Sweetcorn · Quinoa (3%) · Garlic · Cumin · Ground Coriander · Fresh Coriander · Sea Salt · Bicarbonate of Soda · Parsley · Mint · Black Pepper.



Just tried the wonderful Pepper Steak Pie- we thought it truly awesome! Well done!
When we went vegan there were a few concerns... Fry's did not only give us delicious food, they gave us hope and opened our eyes to how delicious we could eat without harming our bodies, animals and the environment... We ❤️ Fry's...
The Gluten Free falafel's are absolutely delicious. Just had some for supper and they are just scrumptious. Thank you Frys for creating such amazing products
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