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Thai Prawn-Style Curry
Beginner35 minsMain Courses
There’s nothing quite like a mouth-watering and naturally cholesterol-free seafood-style curry to warm up chilly autumn nights.
Veggie Cone - Fry's Family FoodVeggie Nice Tortilla Cones
Beginner45 minsStarters
Did someone say ice cream tortillas?! Thanks Foodies of SA for this super Veggie Nice Tortilla Cone recipe topped with our Butternut Balls and Falafels. This creative meal will go down perfectly with the kids, at a party, or with anyone who likes to have a bit of fun with their food!
Salad Jars
Beginner20 minsLunch
How about kicking it up a notch with this salad jar idea? Layer it up with veggies, Falafels and Butternut Balls for have the brightest, tastiest lunch at school or work. Our Crafted Range includes our latest products that are convenient to prepare and nutritious.
Mini Cookie Monster Pizzas
Beginner45 minsLunch
Pizza made into cookies? The best of both worlds have officially combined! Use a cookie cutter to make cute shapes like hearts and stars as your pizza base and decorate with your favourite veggie toppings! Vegan-friendly, fun to make and tasty to eat!
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