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Raw Broccoli Superfood Salad
Beginner25 minsStarters
Try this heart healthy raw broccoli superfood salad with our delicious Chicken-Style Nuggets! Heart healthy food has never tasted this good!
Veggie Platter with Prawn-Style Pieces and Tzatziki
Intermediate23 minsStarters
An abundant heart-healthy fresh veggie platter featuring fresh, raw vegetables and our Prawn-Style Pieces, with a light, heart-healthy tzatziki. It is perfect for sharing with friends and family this Heart Awareness Month.
Curry-Style Samoosas
Intermediate50 minsIndian Delights, Starters
Slightly spicy, slightly crispy and served with your favourite sweet chili sauce, these flavourful Curry-Style Samoosas that are low in cholesterol are made easy in the Airfyer.
Applie Pie - Fry's Family FoodGrilled Fruit Skewers with Chocolate Dip
Beginner20 minsDesserts
For all of you with a sweet-tooth out there, these airfried Grilled Fruit Skewers served with a Kasha Chocolate Dip are for you. It’s a heart-healthy dessert that is naturally cholesterol-free, with a slight chilli twist! Grill and zing!
Kale Kiwi Kasha Smoothie - Fry's Family FoodKale and Kiwi Smoothie
Beginner20 minsSmoothies
Move out the way piña coladas, our new Tropical Smoothie has just hit the scene! This cheeky, fresh and minty smoothie is perfect for those summer-loving evenings. Surprise ingredient? Creamy avocado. Don't knock it until you've tried it.
rainbow-wrap - Fry's Family FoodRainbow Wrap
Beginner20 minsLunch
Eat the rainbow with this colourful unicorn wrap filled with bright veggies and our Golden Crumbed Schnitzel. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a pot of gold waiting for you at the other end of the table… Go take a look!
norts-and-crosses - Fry's Family FoodNoughts and Crosses
Beginner20 minsStarters
Ever wanted to play with your food? Now you can! It’s time to play a little game of noughts and crosses! The only rule is that everyone must eat the game pieces once the game is over. Everyone wins at the snacking game!
Vegan Apple Crumble - Fry's Family FoodDeconstructed Vanilla Coconut Fruit Pie with Cashew Cream
25 minsDesserts
Celebrate Heart Awareness Month with this rustic Airfryer Apple and Blueberry Pie! Baked with Vanilla and Chia Kasha and warm fruit, it goes perfectly with creamy cashew cream. It’s heart healthy, low in cholesterol, with just the right amount of sweetness!
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