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Mac and Cheeserpiller
Beginner30 minsMain Courses
Aren’t all childhood favourites a homemade creamy mac and cheese? With added veggies in the cheesy sauce and topped with our meat-free Polony, this recipe gets a super gold star! Even the caterpillar wants a bite…
Raw Broccoli Superfood Salad
Beginner25 minsStarters
Try this heart healthy raw broccoli superfood salad with our delicious Chicken-Style Nuggets! Heart healthy food has never tasted this good!
Veggie Platter with Prawn-Style Pieces and Tzatziki
Intermediate23 minsStarters
An abundant heart-healthy fresh veggie platter featuring fresh, raw vegetables and our Prawn-Style Pieces, with a light, heart-healthy tzatziki. It is perfect for sharing with friends and family this Heart Awareness Month.
Curry-Style Samoosas
Intermediate50 minsIndian Delights, Starters
Slightly spicy, slightly crispy and served with your favourite sweet chili sauce, these flavourful Curry-Style Samoosas that are low in cholesterol are made easy in the Airfyer.
Applie Pie - Fry's Family FoodGrilled Fruit Skewers with Chocolate Dip
Beginner20 minsDesserts
For all of you with a sweet-tooth out there, these airfried Grilled Fruit Skewers served with a Kasha Chocolate Dip are for you. It’s a heart-healthy dessert that is naturally cholesterol-free, with a slight chilli twist! Grill and zing!
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