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Vegan Chocolate Kasha Smoothie - Fry's Family FoodChocolate And Blueberry Smoothie
Who needs dairy to enjoy a chocolate smoothie anyway? Our dairy free Chocolate and Blueberry Smoothie is not only delicious, but it's also packed with the best ingredients that nature has to offer! Dessert for breakfast anyone?
Vegan Fruity Coconut Kasha Smoothie - Fry's Family FoodFruity Coconut Smoothie
Now this what we like to start our mornings with. Enjoy this fruity, island-inspired smoothie while getting in added power-packed nutrients at the same time! This delicious drink is filled with plant protein, antioxidants and it's even dairy free!
Vegan Tropical Smoothie - Fry's Family FoodTropical Smoothie
Move out the way piña coladas, our new Tropical Smoothie has just hit the scene! This cheeky, fresh and minty smoothie is perfect for those summer-loving evenings. Surprise ingredient? Creamy avocado. Don't knock it until you've tried it.
Secret Garden Guacamole - Fry's Family FoodSecret Garden Guacamole
Beginner30 minsStarters
Sneak in those extra broccoli greens into your guacamole and watch before your very eyes as flowers magically grow veggies, ready for you to eat! Serve with our Crafted Range for a delicious snack platter!
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