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Applie Pie - Fry's Family FoodGrilled Fruit Skewers with Chocolate Dip
Beginner20 minsDesserts
For all of you with a sweet-tooth out there, these airfried Grilled Fruit Skewers served with a Kasha Chocolate Dip are for you. It’s a heart-healthy dessert that is naturally cholesterol-free, with a slight chilli twist! Grill and zing!
Vegan Apple Crumble - Fry's Family FoodDeconstructed Vanilla Coconut Fruit Pie with Cashew Cream
25 minsDesserts
Celebrate Heart Awareness Month with this rustic Airfryer Apple and Blueberry Pie! Baked with Vanilla and Chia Kasha and warm fruit, it goes perfectly with creamy cashew cream. It’s heart healthy, low in cholesterol, with just the right amount of sweetness!