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Loaded Hotdogs
Beginner1 hr 5 minsLunch
Salsa-topped hot dogs with curried mustard and crispy fried onion rings – delicious!
Salad Jars
Beginner20 minsLunch
How about kicking it up a notch with this salad jar idea? Layer it up with veggies, Falafels and Butternut Balls for have the brightest, tastiest lunch at school or work. Our Crafted Range includes our latest products that are convenient to prepare and nutritious.
Mini Cookie Monster Pizzas
Beginner45 minsLunch
Pizza made into cookies? The best of both worlds have officially combined! Use a cookie cutter to make cute shapes like hearts and stars as your pizza base and decorate with your favourite veggie toppings! Vegan-friendly, fun to make and tasty to eat!
rainbow-wrap - Fry's Family FoodRainbow Wrap
Beginner20 minsLunch
Eat the rainbow with this colourful unicorn wrap filled with bright veggies and our Golden Crumbed Schnitzel. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a pot of gold waiting for you at the other end of the table… Go take a look!
Budhha Bowl - Fry's Family FoodVegan Princess Buddha Bowl
Beginner1 hr 30 minsLunch
These beautiful bowls are positively bursting with colour and nutrition. Perfect for any princess (or prince) that loves lots of flavour and fun.