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Veggie Cone - Fry's Family FoodVeggie Nice Tortilla Cones
Beginner45 minsStarters
Did someone say ice cream tortillas?! Thanks Foodies of SA for this super Veggie Nice Tortilla Cone recipe topped with our Butternut Balls and Falafels. This creative meal will go down perfectly with the kids, at a party, or with anyone who likes to have a bit of fun with their food!
Raw Broccoli Superfood Salad
Beginner25 minsStarters
Try this heart healthy raw broccoli superfood salad with our delicious Chicken-Style Nuggets! Heart healthy food has never tasted this good!
Veggie Platter with Prawn-Style Pieces and Tzatziki
Intermediate23 minsStarters
An abundant heart-healthy fresh veggie platter featuring fresh, raw vegetables and our Prawn-Style Pieces, with a light, heart-healthy tzatziki. It is perfect for sharing with friends and family this Heart Awareness Month.
Curry-Style Samoosas
Intermediate50 minsIndian Delights, Starters
Slightly spicy, slightly crispy and served with your favourite sweet chili sauce, these flavourful Curry-Style Samoosas that are low in cholesterol are made easy in the Airfyer.
norts-and-crosses - Fry's Family FoodNoughts and Crosses
Beginner20 minsStarters
Ever wanted to play with your food? Now you can! It’s time to play a little game of noughts and crosses! The only rule is that everyone must eat the game pieces once the game is over. Everyone wins at the snacking game!
Vegan Kids Starters - Fry's Family FoodThe Garden Patch with Back Yard Bugs
Beginner40 minsStarters
The only bugs we eat are the Fry’s Back Yard Bugs! Say hi to the Hot Dog Centipede, Nugget Bug and the Pop the Snail! This is a yummy vegan snack plate that requires lots of creativity and imagination.
Secret Garden Guacamole - Fry's Family FoodSecret Garden Guacamole
Beginner30 minsStarters
Sneak in those extra broccoli greens into your guacamole and watch before your very eyes as flowers magically grow veggies, ready for you to eat! Serve with our Crafted Range for a delicious snack platter!