SuperFood For SuperKids

Veggie Nice Tortilla ConesThe Windmill by the CountrysideSecret Garden GuacamoleThe Little Rascal BurgerHungry Monster Pasta
Veggie Nice Tortilla Cones
The Windmill by the Countryside
Secret Garden Guacamole
The Little Rascal Burger
Hungry Monster Pasta
Healthy Eating for Kids

Childhood obesity is becoming a global epidemic, and along with increasing rates of chronic diseases of lifestyle (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancers) during childhood, it is apparent that the state of our children’s health is in a dire situation.

In South Africa, 14.2% of primary school children are overweight or obese. At the current rate, it is predicted that a whopping 3.91 million school children in South Africa will be overweight or obese by the year 2025.  In addition, conditions such as early-onset diabetes and high blood pressure are also on the rise. We know that these conditions are related to lifestyle choices (diet, exercise and stress) and as a result, we are forced to examine how our food choices could be affecting our children’s health. Article by Jessica Lazar, Registered Dietician MSC. NUTR. (STELL.)
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