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Wally Fry

7 March 2017, Tuesday


From piggeries to veggies, this is our story.

From the very start (back in 1991) the principle behind how we craft our food has been, and will continue to be the same: Wherever possible do no harm.  This is our mantra and our guiding value. 

I became a vegetarian in the late 80’s for a number of reasons. The most important of these was the obvious cruelty in factory farming and the ravages caused to our total environment by farming for meat. With a lack of protein alternatives available in the market place, and my own personal challenge to stay within the confines of this diet, I started to research and develop foods that created a healthy alternative, thus providing a solution for the breaking of the habit of meat eating, and keeping it fun, and easy. I decided to start making a solution for myself, my family, and of course, other like-minded people who saw giving up meat as a tough challenge.

our story

I started in our kitchen, with our Kenwood mixer and a few ingredients, with Debbie, my wife, and the kids pitching in and helping wherever possible.  The cornerstone of our home recipes was to use the very best ingredients to craft our foods. Thus, it was obvious from the start that MSG, food colourants, nasty chemicals, Genetically Modified ingredients, Hydrogenated fats, cholesterol, and of course absolutely any animal products in whatever form, had to be excluded from our daily development of recipes. What had to be included was a great protein value thus vindicating the argument or common question to vegetarians or vegans about “where do you get your protein”.  All the while, the prime concern I had was to ensure that my own family would in every way benefit from a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Lastly, of most crucial importance was that the food needed to taste great. Therefore, taste has no compromise in all of The Fry Family Food Co.’s range of foods, even to this day.

When Fry’s first reached the supermarket shelves, we decided that the same love, care and methods that we used in our kitchen would simply be up scaled without even the subtlest alterations to our home style preparation, was how we would continue to make our food.  Attention to detail with absolute awareness about what would be impacted by our actions, was a prime focus.

“Through my personal choices and actions, I can help change the world” became our mantra and the mantra of our staff and many of our loyal customers.

With all of these guiding principles being our daily practice and motivation, Fry’s has become a well -known Brand in over 25 countries, proving that our bid for the above principles attracts millions of people worldwide.

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15 Responses

  1. Ali says:

    Please post recipes thanks

  2. Radhika says:

    I would like to receive the free cookbooks. Love the product.

  3. Sandra Clara says:

    Good morning.

    I’m desperately looking to try vegan ice cream, and I believe that this was recently put out into S.A. by Fry’s. Please could you advise where I may purchase said ice-cream. Perhaps in the future you could add vegan cheese to your product line.

    Thank you

    Kindest regards.


  4. kalimo says:

    my kids aged 11 and 8 have decided to be vegetarians recently. kindly assist with vegetarian meals.

  5. kalimo says:

    my girls aged 11 and 8 have decided to be vegetarians. what do i do in order to support them?

  6. felicia govender says:

    Goodday, i am a frequent user of most of your products, i love the spiced sausages and curry pieces done by Deena Naidoo, please consider doing a similar thing with the soya mince, its a good product that I think would do well if spiced up a bit and also if it looked more like mince that the long pieces.

  7. Lauren Willis says:

    Please forward more information

  8. Hi I would like to know more about banting and also receive breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.
    I will be very grateful if my request will be successful.

    Thank you

    • Hi Sidumisile, thanks so much for getting in touch with us. Most health professionals who support the banting diet only advise against genetically modified soy and our food is all non-GM. Our Korma Curry Pieces and Spicy Curry Pieces are banting friendly because they have less than 5g of carbohydrates per 100g. Ypu can find all our recipes here – http://www.fryfamilyfood.com/za/recipes/

  9. Marianne Boshoff says:

    Please tell me, somebody told me that Fry’s makes a nice mushroom patty as well. I have not seen it in the shops though. Is it true?